A ray of hope for brain cancer patients

We’re a step closer to finding a more effective brain cancer treatment with fewer side effects! Here’s the story, which aired on Seven News featuring CMRI scientist Dr Megan Chircop.


Presenter: Australian scientists believe they have taken the biggest step forward in the fight against brain cancer in decades.

They’re developing a new treatment which kills off lethal cancer cells with few side effects.

Journalist: Phil Russell lives for these moments. Diagnosed with brain cancer two years ago, the father of two knew something was wrong even before he went to the doctor.

Phil Russell: I’d be having a conversation with some guys, and then I just went blank.

Journalist: Phil’s in remission, but he faces a tough battle. There’s been no change in life expectancy for brain cancer patients in decades. But Australian scientists hope a new drug will change that.

Dr Megan Chircop: This molecule that we’re targeting is definitely, this is the first drug that targets this particular molecule.

Journalist: It’s early days yet, but researchers here say they have found a way to shrink brain cancer cells by 75 per cent, with fewer side effects.

Dr Megan Chircop: It seems to be just targeting the brain cancer cells, and so that’s why we think it’s a really new promising, great approach.

Journalist: Brain tumours kill more Australians under the age of 39 than any other cancer. The drug, which could work on other cancers, still has rigorous trials to get through.

Dr Megan Chircop: This can potentially have a huge impact on people’s lives that are in the prime of their life.

Sally Bowrey, Seven News


One Comment on “A ray of hope for brain cancer patients

  1. I am extremely delighted that this is a break through that will not only be of benefit to those with brain cancer and mitigating the potential of getting brain cancer but a “window” of opportunity for treating other cancers. Congratulations CMRI. I am your continued loyal “servant.”
    Foster Lee FCA C.dec
    Chartered Accountant/Tax Practitioner

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