A small school with a huge heart

Parents can be overwhelmed by uncertainty for their child’s future after hearing a diagnosis no parent should ever have to hear, and siblings can fear they may not have a brother or sister to share their childhood.

It’s a thought few want to think about, but a situation CMRI can change with the help of schools like Earle Page College.

They’ve helped raise more than $450,000 for Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI) and, in doing so, given countless people hope.

Students, family, staff and friends raised almost $30,000 at this year’s annual Fashion Show in Armidale, but the truly impressive thing is the school is far from done.

On May 18, a fun-run through the bush will be held as part of the Earle Page College 50th Anniversary celebrations, with all proceeds going to genetic research at CMRI.

In September the college will hold its annual Coast Run, which has previously raised as much as $45,000 in one year.

It’s an astonishing display of support, which has continued to grow each year for more than 30 years.

Our scientists at CMRI work tirelessly to develop new treatments, preventatives, and uncover genetic links to give every child an equal start to a long and happy life.

We can’t offer people more than the hope that a medical advancement is around the corner.

But we can’t thank those enough who donate and ask for nothing more than that.

Thank you, Earle Page College, for your humility, patience and for giving us more than 30 years.

Congratulations on the 50th Anniversary milestone and best of luck to all those competing in the Coast Run Gone Bush on May 18 and Coast Run in September.


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