Sydney FC – kicking goals for medical research

Fifteen men took their shirts off in the name of genetic research and we just wanted to say a big thank you!

Sydney FC raised more than $10,000 to support CMRI at their annual shirt auction.

The specially designed jerseys were worn by the team in their 2-1 win over Brisbane Roar earlier this year.

The number 10 shirt worn by striker Alessandro Del Piero, who scored the first goal of the game, raised the most money with a bid of $4,800, followed by Brett Emerton’s number seven shirt, which sold for $1,420.

“The amount of money raised was excellent and to know it will benefit a truly magnificent cause makes it all worthwhile,” Sydney FC Executive Tony Pignata said.

All of the one-off shirts were signed by the players after the game.

Final bids:

Del Piero – $4,800.00                                                Antonis – $730.00

Emerton – $1,420.00                                                 Necevski – $721.00

Triantis – $1,020.00                                                  Abbas – $720.00

Reid – $970.00                                                            Ryall – $720.00

Janjetovic – $771.00                                                 A.Griffiths – $710.00

Grant – $770.00                                                          Chianese – $680.00

Tiago – $761.00                                                          Powell – $670.00

Fabio – $650.00


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