Bang for your buck

Organic_avocado$2 will get you an organic avocado. OR you could buy enough of the crucial enzyme needed to test the blood of one patient for aggressive types of cancers.


$5 will buy you lottery tickets and a small chance at millions. OR you could buy a plastic 96-in-one test tube to screen 96 potential epilepsy drugs at once, to increase our chance of finding a cure.

Untitled-1 copy

$10 will buy you some greasy take-away from your local eatery. OR you could buy 200 mini test tubes to help our eye genetics group discover genes that cause blindness in children.

$500 will buy you a pair of these…Untitled-shoescopy

OR you could buy samples of cells needed to develop a treatment for liver disease. Currently the only hope for infants born with this disease is a liver transplant.

$1,000 will buy you two pairs ….


OR equipment to help scientists test a new drug that could treat cancer, epilepsy or other neurological conditions. A drug we developed to treat epilepsy may also cure kidney disease – an unexpected discovery that has the potential to save millions of people from the need for transplants and dialysis.

Click here to help us create a brighter future for children everywhere.


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