The right fit

calvin klein jeans

Don’t be fooled by their well pressed, carefully tailored, designer jeans.

The Calvin Klein Jeans team isn’t afraid to get down and dirty for a good cause.

Especially when they get to flaunt denim all day.

Combine this with the friendly rivalry between Melbourne and Sydney and you have the makings of fine-tuned fund-raising machine – times two.

Calvin Klein Jeans take ownership of Jeans for Genes fundraising sites at two locations each year – Melbourne Central and World Square in Sydney.

Two teams battle it out to see who can raise the most to support genetic research at Children’s Medical Research Institute.

Last year the CK Jeans team in Sydney claimed the easy win over Melbourne, raising about $2300.

But if we go back to 2010, the Melbourne team almost walked away victors raising $2354 – just $151 short of their Sydney rivals.

This year, the two teams are gearing up for another round of Jeans for Genes fundraising fun and bragging rights.

“We always try to have fun with it and we can get terribly creative to sell merchandise on the day,’ Melbourne team member Caroline Napier said.

“I’d say it’s going to be Melbourne’s year this year!”

If you’re at Melbourne Central on Jeans for Genes Day, Friday 2nd August, stop by, say hi and give generously.

If not to help the Melbournites over the line, then to support research into genetic disease and birth defects, because all money raised goes directly to Children’s Medical Research Institute.

But if you’re a Sydney-sider head over to World Square and show your support to the friendly CKJ team on site.

Make a donation to Jeans for Genes at any Calvin Klein Jeans store or with a Calvin Klein Jeans volunteer* at Melbourne Central and World Square and receive 15% off your jean purchase on Friday August 2.*Discount voucher will be supplied upon any donation to CKJ volunteer.

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