20 years … and here’s to 20 more!

thank you

To the everyday person who emptied the spare change from their wallet or purse when they saw a Jeans for Genes donation box or merchandise, to those who jumped online to our donation page and pledged an amount big or small – you have helped us reach 20 years supporting Children’s Medical Research Institute and with your help we’ll be able to provide that support for 20 more.

This year we’ve heard countless stories from across Australia of people collecting Jeans for Genes merchandise, baking all sorts of goodies for work and school, creating displays and putting together outrageously entertaining denim outfits all in support of medical research.

If you were a once-off supporter, or if you support us every year with little deeds or big gestures, we’re proud to call you part of the team and hope to have your support not just on Jeans for Genes Day, but all year round – Because our research into birth defects, cancers and genetic diseases won’t stop until we find the answers.

Thank you to our retail and corporate partners for the support they’ve shown providing us with space, equipment, entertainment and great deals to encourage supporters to donate, which has been a big contributor to the success of Jeans for Genes.

We will never be able to express our full gratitude in words, but hope to through future discoveries and cures, because your support helps us achieve our vision of a brighter and healthier future for children everywhere.


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