Put your heart and soul into a great cause ….. Cheque!

We love every single one of our partners … no exceptions!

And we love it when they drop in to say hi and share their Jeans for Genes Day experience with us.

On Wednesday 11, September a few wonderful people from Bendigo Bank dropped in with a big surprise.

It was SO big, we had to take a few photos to show you the whole thing!


This year’s Jeans for Genes Day was Bendigo Bank’s FIRST EVER national merchandise fundraising campaign! That is, the first time every single one of their 500+ branches across Australia got behind Jeans for Genes to sell merchandise, and help us raise much-needed funds for CMRI. And they raised a whopping $36,320.58!

“The more we got to know about Jeans for Genes, the more we realised it isn’t just a good thing to do for us, it’s the right thing to do… so we were really pleased to be able to be involved.” – Phil Jones, State Manager at Bendigo Bank

And we couldn’t be more thankful or proud of their efforts!

But it was the Fairy Meadow branch which showed what it means to put your heart behind a cause… and the Fairy Meadow community didn’t hesitate to do the same.

“We’ve supported Jeans for Genes every year since we opened about 10 years ago, but admittedly this was our biggest year. We always sold the merchandise in the branch, but this year we had a bacon and egg roll stand in the branch from 7 AM and all of our local cafes and businesses were referring their customers to our branch for breakfast to help us raise money. We had a lot of our clients also selling merchandise and staff out on the street talking to people in the community about Jeans for Genes.” – Mitch King, Community Manager at Fairy Meadow Community Bank

Staff didn’t just sell merchandise, they immersed themselves in the spirit of Jeans for Genes and were able to raise a grand total of $3,628.10.

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If you helped us raise money on Jeans for Genes Day and need to bank your funds click here

If you would like to become a Jeans for Genes partner in 2014 and help us celebrate 21 years of fundraising contact  Lyndsey Rice d: +61 2 8865 2818 e: lrice@cmri.org.au


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