Give back good genes!

Thank you to everyone involved in this year’s eftpos Australia Giveback Campaign, which offered up to $2 million to worthy causes.

We witnessed an ENOURMOUS amount of people and thanks to your support we were able to show eftpos we could match the big guys and make some noise.

Congratulations to Cancer Council and Diabetes Australia, both very worthy recipients.

Throughout the campaign we shared with you a comic strip detailing how we would spend the money to change lives. We want you to know even though we didn’t win, that doesn’t mean our story will end.

We’ll keep looking for the funds to support the work of our scientists at Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI), so Professor Ian Alexander and his team can trial a gene therapy treatment for inherited liver disease in the next few years to help kids like Maddy.

For a recap of our story and 2013 eftpos Giveback Campaign… keep on reading.

Where the money will go

We wanted to show you the huge impact this money will have in helping us take our Gene Therapy research to the next stage – clinical trials. Each week of the four week campaign, we’ve shared with you a comic strip showing you the power behind this research.

Part 1

Comic ii

To be continued

Our Gene Therapy Unit is currently researching diseases of the bone marrow and liver. The next stage will be clinical trials, which requires the manufacture of medicine to genetically repair faulty cells.

  • A single trial of this medicine costs $1 million AUD if outsourced internationally.
  • Our plan is to purchase our own equipment and chemicals and train the right staff so we can produce this medicine in Australia.

The impact this will have

  • With your support, we can save children’s lives at the earliest possible opportunity, giving them a chance to be children with their families and grow into healthy adults
  • It will eliminate the need for traumatic organ transplants &
  • Protect children from a lifetime of medication and side-effects

The children it will help

Madeline’s story

To everyone who voted Jeans for Genes


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