Challenge accepted!

In April we posted about 27-year-old Sydney-sider Matt Scott who has committed to wearing the same pair of jeans unwashed for 300 days to raise money for Children’s Medical Research Institute.

But at some point, Matt decided he could do better – one year in the same pair of unwashed jeans.

Why would somebody commit to a 365-long stint in denim?

Some might say he just can’t let go. But we know better.

The National Denim Trainer for clothing store Glue has helped us raise more than $3000 for CMRI to support research into birth defects, genetic diseases and cancer.

But as the saying goes, “all good things must come to an end” and the 365 day challenge will end at midnight on Sunday 6 October.

“I finish at midnight on Sunday and as it’s a long weekend (in Sydney), I think I will be celebrating,” Matt said.

“It feels pretty weird to be almost done but also exciting this last week of sunshine has certainly got me ready!”

Let’s make this last week worthwhile and help Matt reach his target to support better health for future generations… so they too may choose whether or not to wear the same piece of clothing unwashed in the name of medical research.

Click here to donate

Follow Matt’s journey on Instagram @matthewscott1208 or check out previous posts about Matt:

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