Give back good genes… part III

We only have one more week to stand out against the big guys in the eftpos Giveback Campaign so we can give this story a happy ending!

This is the third of a four-part comic strip sharing with you how we can save lives if we win. But we can’t do this without people power!

Please help us change the world by sharing this story and asking friends, family and workmates to vote Jeans for Genes in the ‘Disease prevention’ category at and together we can give back good genes.

To view the story so far click here


2 Comments on “Give back good genes… part III

    • Of course DougDoesLife! Very sorry, the comic should now be clickable and appear in a much more viewer friendly size. There’s still one more comic strip to come, but you can view the story so far at ‘Give back good genes!’. Thanks for your interest and we hope you enjoy, share, like and vote!

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