Give back good genes… the story will go on.

A HUGE thank you to our supporters for voting Jeans for Genes in the 2013 eftpos Giveback Campaign.

Thanks to you, we took it to the giants and showed eftpos some serious people And the best part is, we know next year this will only get stronger.

Congratulations to Cancer Council Australia and Diabetes Australia – both very worthy causes.

And while eftpos couldn’t help us finish our story this year, we want you to know that doesn’t mean our story will come to an end.

We’ll keep looking for the funds to support the work of our scientists at Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI), so Professor Ian Alexander and his team can trial a gene therapy treatment for inherited liver disease in the next few years to help kids like Maddy.

But remember, every time you donate or volunteer to support Jeans for Genes or CMRI, every time you ‘Like’, share, comment, +1, tweet, favourite, repost or follow, you are helping us share the great work of CMRI scientists with the world.

You are helping more people recognise our cause… and by doing that, you are helping us.

Because it’s people power that will help us save lives.


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