Cancer got a butt kicking!

More than 400 kids are diagnosed with cancer every day worldwide…

But in October 2013, thousands of cyclists signed up to the Great Cycle Challenge to change this.

Riders pledged to conquer cancer riding more than 1,000,000ks and raising more than $1m for Children’s Medical Research Institute.

They showed a fighting spirit, set personal bests, some learned to ride, while others were seasoned riders, but all overcame fears, barriers and at times horrible conditions.

Because they know that’s what kids with cancer go through every day.

Alliances were made, and thousands came together to share their experiences, goals and achievements, united for the one cause – to fight kids’ cancer.

We want all involved to know the impact this will have on our research into finding cures.

By challenging yourselves you inspired thousands and raised more than one million dollars.

With this money, we’ll be able to improve current treatments and develop new cures.

By supporting our scientists and funding better equipment – we can bring you answers sooner and prevent more children going through what Ella, Zoe (pictured), Ryan (pictured), Colbey (pictured) and Freddy have.

For more information on our research click here.


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