We Pledge to #authenticate

Cells #authenticate

It has been estimated in the US that an annual sum of $115B is spent on life science research. Approximately half of this is spent on preclinical research of which approximately half again is non- reproducible.

 The Importance of cleaning up cell lines

Cell authentication is a fundamental element of more reproducible and more credible research

 But what does this mean?

In essence, if we are able to reduce the amount of non-reproducibility then there are huge cost savings to be achieved and time advancements to be gained in the development of therapeutic drugs.

 What are we doing?

Here at CMRI we endeavour to do as much as we can in order to provide the research community with quality controlled cell lines, in the most economical & efficient way possible.

We have made many progressive steps towards ensuring only the most authentic cell lines are used by our scientists including providing our very own validated cell line service ‘CellBank Australia’.




CellBank Australia is a not for profit facility that provides validated cell lines & other related services throughout Australia & the rest of the world.

Based within our own premises here at Westmead, cell lines are handled in two purpose built culture rooms, one quarantine room and a second room for when cells have passed crucial quality control checks. All cultures are grown separately, handled following SOPs they are also fully tracked from start of the procedure ensuring a full cell history can be attributed to each line. Reducing the number of misidentification which leads to failed clinical trials & ultimately delays the drug development process.

Today, 16th April 2015 we have also pledged to support the #authenticate campaign being championed by The Global Biological Standards Institute (GBSI). A first of its kind, the campaign ultimately aims to engage the science community & key stakeholders in the powerful role cell line authentication plays in research reproducibility and fidelity.

Scientists from all over the world will be sharing their stories & pledging their support. Join the conversation today by simply following the hashtag #authenticate on Twitter. Feel free to add your contribution & show your support – together we can generate a global, cultural shift & accelerate the translation of basic research breakthroughs into lifesaving therapies & cures.


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