Showing support for Brain Cancer Action Week

This week we’re showing our support for Brain Cancer Action Week.

As one of the least understood cancers in Australia it is also one of the most fatal. By showing our support we aim to raise awareness of brain cancer and collaboratively work toward s a future free from this devastating disease.

Here at Children’s Medical Research Institute, brain cancer is a focus and we currently have multiple laboratories working on different areas from understanding the cause to testing potential new drugs in an effort to eventually eradicate this cancer completely.

Here’s an insight into the work currently being conducted;


NEW $29M Building Development

In 2014, we were pleased to open a new $29M building here at Westmead with new technology designed to advance our understanding of childhood cancer. Dr Hilda Pickett’s work for the last two decades has focused on gaining a better understanding of the role telomeres play in cancer development in order to advance future treatments.

Hear Dr Hilda Pickett discuss her work here:


Cancer Research Unit

Professor Reddel in our Cancer Research Unit here at CMRI is studying “ALT”, which is key to stopping deadly brain cancers (glioblastoma multiforme in particular).

Cancer Research Unit

Find out more about our Cancer Research Unit here >


Cell Cycle Unit

Dr Megan Chircop, who heads up our Cell Cycle Unit, is studying how cells divide and grow in brain cancers. Her team is developing new anti-cancer treatments aimed at stopping cell division in difficult to treat brain tumours, like glioblastoma.

Cell Cycle

Find out more about Dr Megan’s Chircop work & that of her team here >


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