Joined at the hip


An unusual bond has been formed with a pair of jeans in the name of genetic research. 27-year-old Sydney-sider Matthew Scott has worn the same pair, unwashed for the past 187 days to raise money for Jeans for Genes Australia.

“It’s become such a comfort thing now, it’ll be weird once I don’t have to wear them anymore,” he said, sitting in his well-worn, unwashed jeans on day 181.

“I’ve spent so much time with these pants, and have such a connection with them now.”

Matthew will end the long-running relationship in 113 days – Jeans for Genes Day.

“I get different reactions when I tell people,” he said.

“A lot of people get grossed out and think it’s pretty horrible to wear the same pair of jeans for 300 days.

“Summer’s been extremely difficult, because we had the hottest ever day on record here (Sydney) a few months ago, which was almost 46 degrees. It was brutal.”

The idea stemmed from his work as National Denim Trainer for clothing store Glue.

“Glue stores fundraise in the lead up to Jeans for Genes Day, so I decided I wanted to do something personally to help the cause.”

And his efforts haven’t gone unrewarded, with $200 raised so far for Jeans for Genes Australia which supports research into birth defects and genetic disease through Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI).

He aims to raise $2000 by August 2.

Show your support for Matt as he powers toward day 300! Visit to donate and follow Matt’s progress on Instagram @matthewscott1208.



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Jean chairSomeone was thinking outside the square, just like our scientists at CMRI. That’s what we like to see! What do you think? Inspired?

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